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Cherokee Logistics, Inc.
PO Box 618
Cedartown, GA 30125

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This Is How We Do It 

How do we keep consistently exceeding our client’s expectations with both our excellence in customer service and commitment to delivering on our promises? Simple. By adhering to a set of values that our company lives by.

The Personal Touch 

Providing each customer with a dedicated and professional team to manage their transportation needs with the highest quality service at competitive prices


Achieving loyalty by providing consistent, established, and dependable service


Providing a skilled and motivated staff to handle each customer's transportation needs in a courteous and proficient manner


Providing accurate information in a timely manner


Conducting business in a fair and professional manner with customers, carriers, and co-workers


Sharing information between co-workers to achieve greater business results

The Mission 

Our values give us a clear path to complete our mission. What’s our mission? Good question! Find out here.