Contact Information

Cherokee Logistics, Inc.
PO Box 618
Cedartown, GA 30125

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Fax: 770-748-2506






What We Do 

With one call to our dispatch office at 770-749-0084, anyone of our dedicated dispatchers or load planners will be able to put a truck at your dock with the least amount of delay.


When your freight is loaded and on its way, it is monitored until delivery. We can make your day much easier by giving us a call and let us do the rest. TIME is MONEY and we can save you both.

We are not the biggest, and do not want to be, but we are large enough to handle your shipping needs, plus take a personal interest in you and your Company.


We also offer discounts or rebate program based on gross dollar amount, which we would like to talk to you about at length. 

We hope you will take advantage of our GREAT SERVICE and look forward to serving you soon.