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Astonishment, Mystery, and Amusement belong in any magic act, but not in the transportation field. When we load your freight, right then and there, we have another commitment to you as the shipper and also to the receiver to make sure the product is delivered in a safe and expedient manner.

Every Load Is Monitored from Pickup to Delivery 

Within 30 minutes after a driver calls in an empty, a call is made from our customer service section to the receiver, the following questions are asked:  

  1. Did you receive your product as expected?
  2. Was the driver courteous?
  3. Were there any problems?
  4. Is there anything we can do to provide you with better service, from us or the shipper?

We don't know of another carrier that does this!

Your product is monitored each day until delivery. As soon as the driver calls us loaded, we make delivery appointments and when the load is delivered, we call the consignee to see if he is satisfied with the service. This is a plus for you, how many trucking services do this?  

At this point, the consignee is assured that not only are you interested in selling him a good product, but seeing he gets it in good order, so at this point you, Mr. Shipper, gets another check mark for excellent service
to your customers.  

We Want the Best! 

As any employee should, we work hard for you, as our employer, so all of us can succeed. We try to be competitive with rates, but not with the service we extend to you; we want the best! How do we achieve our high success rate? By adhering to our values

Large Enough to Handle Your Shipping Needs,
Yet Small Enough To Be Thankful for You.