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With one call to our dispatch office at 770-749-0084, anyone of our dedicated dispatchers or load planners will be able to put a truck at your dock with the least amount of delay...

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The Personal Touch

Providing each customer with a dedicated and professional team to
manage their...

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Welcome to Cherokee Logistics, Inc. 

Cherokee Logistics, Inc. is a full service trucking company providing professional, customized solutions for manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers nationwide. Cherokee Logistics, Inc. specializes in assisting transportation managers, traffic managers, traffic coordinators and shipping clerks alike in transporting their products efficiently and more cost effectively. As companies continue to downsize and outsource specialty functions, the transportation, warehousing, and distribution of raw materials and finished goods requires the professional dedication of full service logistics companies. Cherokee Logistics, Inc. is that company!

Our Business is your Business 

"As we know, your distribution partner must be an integral part of your business network. To discuss your distribution needs contact the common sense people at Cherokee Logistics Inc. Guaranteed, we will roll up our sleeves and get down to business – your business!"

With a fleet of 335 trucks and 27 years of experience transporting freight for our many customers, we can handle YOUR shipping needs as well.

We carry $250,000 cargo insurance for our shipping customers. Cherokee Logistics, Inc., Broker Division has a carrier base of 12,000 carriers. All carriers are fully insured and licensed by the I.C.C. All authority and insurance for each and every carrier is on file in our office. Each brokered load is fully covered by our $1,000,000 contingent insurance policy.

Advantages of Truckload Shipping: 

  • Lowered Cost: A Full Truck Will Almost Always Result In a Lower Cost per Pound than an LTL Price
  • Minimized Damages: With No Other Freight on the Truck to Shift and CauseDamages, and Without Multiple Episodes of Loading and Unloading, TL Shipping Can Reduce the Chances for Damage
  • Shortened Delivery Times: When the Run Is 500 Miles, a Dedicated Truck May Deliver In 24 Hours vs. 3 Days with LTL

The Cherokee Logistics, Inc. Experience 

Read on to learn more about trusting your shipment to Cherokee Logistics, Inc. and how we stand behind
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